s/t LP

    mine my flesh is mine. skin hides my inner troubles / a black lake is deep enough to hide my body / sad tears are pure enough to touch my skin / frozen snow is cold enough to heal my wounds / don’t touch my wounds / there are particularities /all this time / this is my skin / it’s thin whenever I want / and it’s mine loose it my sad heart do you remember? / a night goes by, and what’s left is just broken glass / on the street / years go by and i still can hear your song / it plays round & round / a shot / an echo in the dark leo she walks home alone at night / at midnight she tries to reach the sky / in the end she doesn’t wanna be like everyone is / her steps are always far too loud /she counts her sadness while walking / in the end she doesn’t wanna look like her mum does /she really tries to love herself / she’s the one, who never acts in a common way / she learns to extend her words / she’s known as the one with a curly head / in the end she doesn’t wanna be like everyone is / in the end she doesn’t wanna look like her mum does / she fails in moving / she’s falling / she keeps their tears in a cage / so she knows about all their failure / in the end they just don’t wanna be like she is you run you can’t rule my feet / they take me where I need to go / you can’t control my head / it knows where’s left and right / i will rebel / i’m not waiting / and i make you run /my finger will point out. whenever it’s time to / look at all those fingers, shoulders, heads and toes // they won’t run for you whiteout girls get rude / are we creating pink thoughts? / what’s inside this pink heart? / i can‘t see / are we creating black eyes? / what’s inside this black eye? / ambitions gone // are we creating grey minds? / what’s inside this grey mind? / we‘re catched / we stuck / this system must collapse / a blackout / to be rude / to whiteout / cause i‘m over it quick hurt a wind went in and took my life / a wind went in and entered my body / a storm blew and took the leaves / a storm blew and i went walking // slow leaves / fast tears / quick hurt // now i dance with myself / i dance with nothing / my memory is like a broken window / come in / my life / i wanna break out breathing walls we built a shelter for our ups and downs / with open doors / their smell goes around / the walls are breathing / unanswered questions / exist to live them / breath them / the walls with open doors //don’t you see?! we‘re not doomed // so, take your breath / no we won‘t hide / won‘t get lost / will you find me? she’s a hunter she’s a hunter / restless at night / she’s running / i run // there are too many reasons to fail // she’s a hunter / lives in the grey / she’s asking / i reply / she’s a hunter / screams into the wild / she’s shooting / i shot her down snow the sound of snow under their shoes / and the next snowfall will cover all tracks / and i can smell your hair // it’s still falling. calm anyway. pale and dark in one //it smells like life should / and i‘m afraid of it // i hold you tight in my arms / and the last snowfall /…it covered us all / and i can feel your weight // it’s still falling. calm anyway. pale and dark in one // it feels like life should / and i‘m afraid of it // now it’s time / your tracks are gone / and the first sunshine took the rest of you / but i still see you / it’s still falling / calm anyway / pale and dark in one / feels like life should / and i‘m afraid of it.

    The Final Whiteout

      loud enough when even music is too loud / can‘t hear you anymore / when even words are gone / you‘re quiet and i scream // you cause the silence and the noise / but you‘re all / over in my head / noises in my head // and they‘re loud enough / to stop the pain / loud enough for me control i have to run but something is stopping me / blisters, there are blisters / 
they‘re ready to explode
 / to rule your life / i have the choice and i‘m full of hate // what’s left?! there’s nothing, just death, loneliness and eyes in fear // if you give up, tell him i won‘t do. i‘ll heat him up two hearts he wants to close his eyes and die / do you think misery is eating him?! / 
no, it’s your society!
 // dont you know you have two hearts / one for your sadness and one for all of your doubts / i want to close my eyes and die / cause i know misery is eating me / oh, it’s your society! // let go to let live / i wanna be eaten and i want to suffer


        bloody hands dead bodies don‘t walk, they walk / they walk away / with frozen tears in their eyes / they walk away // no fall can break their bones / no glass can cut their skin // bloody hands / i‘m alive and it hurts / i‘m alive…don‘t you don‘t you live this lifestyle / don‘t you eat this ice cream / don‘t you wear this sunglass / don‘t you, don‘t you // won‘t you keep the distance / won‘t you just shut up / won‘t you stop bothering me // i want you to / want you not to do… // don‘t undo the things you do / cause i start to hate you / don‘t you continue / don‘t you, don‘t you // won‘t you do this promise / won‘t you interrupt it / won‘t you stop copying me // don‘t you feel your emptiness / don‘t you see there’s no sense / don‘t you start to bore yourself / don‘t you, don‘t you 
/ won‘t you stop talking / 
won‘t you start thinking / 
won‘t you stop looking at me ages how does it sound if blank pages fly in the rain?! / they loose their weight and start to suck the mud // how does it look when tears start to get invisible?! / i‘m emptying my mind and let the body do the work // how does it feel when stairs start to move by their own?! / I move on slow and wait for where they go // time causes noises / and we define our ages… / maybe dead to drown do i lose my politics?! / too lazy for riot / too busy for revolution / too much hurts! // no riot / no action / no! nothing changes! // it’s like a deep sea I have to drown / cold skin, whispering / dark, cold and dying / too much hurts.