Naive - s/t (2016)


recorded oct. 2016 in our rehearsal room / stereoxid studio, cologne
mix and master: highlander, frankfurt.
coverartwork: johanna schmitz
contraszt records, potato records
300 copies in white vinyl

Naive - The Final Whiteout (2015)


recorded Dez. 2014 in our rehearsal room, mixed and mastered by lomax-imp at W12, Cologne. these are three of eight pieces we recorded as a teaser for new stuff following in the next months.
we made this recording as a document for our drummer who sadly left the band. good bye m.b., we miss you!

so we changed our line up. J plays the drums now and B plays bass! great! R and M stuck where they were…

Naive - Demon (2013)

first demo, 60 copies (sold out)

recorded dec. 2013 in our rehearsalroom. mixed and mastered by lomax-imp at w12, vologne.
these are our first few songs. this tape was released as a limited tour goodie – 60 copies --> sold out.